I like intentions better than goals. They offer a direction without being fixed on a set goal that often provides momentary happiness, if at all. I agree with the perspective that our process or who we become in the course of our lives is more important.

The person that I will be this year, is namely a result of the experiences that I’ve had the year prior, and every year before that. The result of the lessons that I’ve learned, the mistakes that I’ve made, and the growth that I’ve achieved. If it weren’t for all of the years leading up to this one, I’d never be the person that I am today. Therefore, it’s not a “new” me that I am striving for, but rather a better one. An improved version that is wiser, more forgiving, and selfless than I’ve ever been in the past. 

This year I’d like to challenge myself more; whether it’s getting my butt in the gym more than I feel like, attending a social event when I’d rather stay home and Netflix, or going out of my way to help someone in need. Nothing is out of bounds, even if it’s a challenge that is more difficult, like slowly weeding toxic people out of my life. I am going to push myself to do what is less comfortable, just because I know it’s the right thing or the better thing for me.

On top of that, I want to communicate better this year. Expressing myself in person is up ten fold but otherwise I kind of suck. I always forget to call in and check up on people both near and far, especially those who have been in my life the longest. This has been hard for me with both family and friends, especially because I live far from home, so I need to work on stepping up my game here.

That being said, I have a good feeling about this year. It’s just the second day and as crazy as this sounds, I’ve already caught up with more people than I have in the past 6 or so months. On a side note, I’m excited to start working for a company called Mint Events soon. Expect to see some pretty posts on my events&projects tag!

May 2017 be all that you hope for, and all that you deserve. Happy new year!


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