Leave your cocoon & fly like a butterfly

When I was a little girl, I was always extremely social. I loved being around people and talking to them. Although when I turned 13, I went through a phase where I just preferred being alone in my bedroom with my own privacy. But that phase eventually passed. Isolation made me feel exhausted, it still… Continue reading Leave your cocoon & fly like a butterfly

Internship at Mint Events & Soireés

As I mentioned in my previous post, it’s my internship semester and I’m currently working at an event company called Mint Events & Soireés. It’s almost coming to an end and strangely, I’m missing classes, assignments and the cup noodles life! (I’m kidding, instant noodles would make me barf at this point.) What I’ve realised from… Continue reading Internship at Mint Events & Soireés

Sydney, Australia

Happy Tuesday! Here's a peek into my Australian adventure. Back when I made this trip, I didn't have making a blog in mind, so I can't really do a diary-like post (as in each day separately), but my future travel posts are going to be more detailed for sure. This was my first solo trip, ever.… Continue reading Sydney, Australia